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Subject Areas and Subjects
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  • 1Deterministic Transport Methods and Applications
  • 2Monte Carlo Methods and Applications
  • 3Nuclear Data Evaluation and Assimilation of Integral Experiments
  • 4Subcritical System Analysis Methods
  • 5Uncertainty Quantification and Sensitivity Analysis
  • 6General Reactor Analysis Methods and Applications
  • 7Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • 8Computational Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics
  • 9Multiphysics Power Reactor Simulation
  • 10Computational Materials Science
  • 11Modeling and Simulation for Fusion Energy Systems
  • 12High Performance Computing for Nuclear Applications
  • 13Mathematics and Computational Methods for General Nuclear Applications
  • Subjects of Special Interest

  • • Whole Core Modeling and Simulation
    • Massively Parallel Transport Solution Algorithms
    • Transport Methods for Stochastic Media
    • Charged Particle Transport and Applications
    • Monte Carlo Simulation with Thermal Feedback
    • Next Generation Parallelism for Monte Carlo Simulation
    • Monte Carlo Variance Reduction and Hybrid Methods
    • Nuclear Theories, Models and Data Evaluation
    • Validation and Assimilation of Nuclear Data
    • SubcriticalityMeasurement andOnline Monitoring
    • Spent Fuel Cask/Storage Analyses
    • Uncertainty Quantification in Multi-physics Simulation
    • Deterministic and Stochastic Methods for Sensitivity
    • Advances in Self Shielding Methods
    • Next Generation CrossSection Homogenization Methods
    • Validation with Realistic Core Benchmarks
    • Massive Computational Fluid Dynamics Nuclear
    • Advances in System Scale Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • Novel Approaches for Single and Multiphase Fluid Dynamics
    • Multiscale Methodologies andApplications in Thermal
    • Advances in Computational Methods for Nuclear Thermal
    • Multiphysics Coupling Methods and Approaches
    • Validation and Regulatory Acceptance of Multiphysics
    • Multiscale Modeling of Structural Materials and Nuclear Fuels
    • Advanced Methods for Simulating Primary Radiation Damage
    and its Evolution in Materials
    • Theory and Simulation of Fusion Plasma Confinement,
    Stability and Heating
    • Simulation and Integrated Modeling of Burning Plasma and
    Fusion Energy Systems
    • Advanced Methods to Exploit the Potential of Next-Generation
    • Application of Leadership-class Computing to Nuclear
    • Implications of Changes to Computing Hardware on Future