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Legend OS6E-III: The 3rd Oral Session E in Subject Area 6      ThA2T5: Thursday 2nd AM Track 5

Plenary Talks

PLA2 Achivements and Perspective of Korea's Nuclear Power Technology (20) Jong Ho Lee (KHNP)
PLB1 High Performance Computing Challenges Encountered in High-Resolution Reactor Core Simulations (35) SmithK (MIT)
PLB2 The Monte Carlo Method: the Past 70 Years, Current State, and Future Prospects (40) SuttonT &
GriesheimerD (NNL)
PLB3 Multiscale Simulation of Light Water Reactor Thermalhydraulics (35) BestionD (CEA)
PLB4 CASL: Achievements in Addressing Challenges Facing Light Water Reactor Industry (35) KropaczekD (NCSU)
Luncheon Talks
Mon Advanced Multiphysics Simulation Capabilities at the Idaho National Laboratory for Nuclear Energy Applications (Monday) John C. Wagner (INL)
Wed Two Useful but Little-Known Works Jim E. Morel (TAMU)

Session Titles

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