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List of Special Sessions
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ID Title Organizer(s) Email Subject Area
(TPC Co-Chair)
SS1A Advanced 2D/3D methods for neutron transport based on short or long characteristics Simone Santandrea & Emiliano Masiello simone.santandrea@cea.fr
Deterministic Transport Methods and Applications
(Richard Sanchez)
SS1B Stochastic behavior of particle populations and particle transport in stochastic media Richard Sanchez richard.sanchez@cea.fr
SS2A Monte Carlo Simulation with Thermal Feedback Kan Wang & David Griesheimer wangkan@tsinghua.edu.cn
Monte Carlo Methods and Applications
(John Wagner)
SS2B Next Generation Parallelism for Monte Carlo Methods David Griesheimer David.griesheimer@unnpp.gov
SS2C Monte Carlo Variance Reduction and Hybrid Methods Alireza Haghighat
& Ahmad Ibrahim
& Hyung Jin Shim
SS3A The Use of Integral Experiments to Improve Nuclear Data and Covariances Alain SANTAMARINA alain.santamarina@cea.fr Nuclear Data Evaluation and Assimilation of Integral Experiments
(Won Sik Yang)
SS3B Mathematical Developments on Direct Application to Nuclear Data Evaluation and Processing Luiz LEAL Luiz.leal@irsn.fr
SS4A Accelerator-Driven System (ADS) Benchmarks at Kyoto University Critical Assembly (KUCA) T. Endo t-endo@nucl.nagoya-u.ac.jp Subcritical System Analysis Methods
(Won Sik Yang)
SS5A Uncertainties Propagation in multi-physics simulations Palmiotti Giuseppe & Rabiti Cristian Giuseppe.palmiotti@inl.gov
Uncertainty Quantification and Sensitivity Analysis
(Won Sik Yang)
SS5B Validation of Computer Codes Hany S. Abdel-Khalik abdelkhalik@purdue.edu Uncertainty Quantification and Sensitivity Analysis (Won Sik Yang)
SS6A Advanced Homogenization Techniques and Leakage Models for Core Calculations Jean-Francois Vidal & Igor Zmijarevic jean-francois.vidal@cea.fr
General Reactor Analysis Methods and Applications
(Richard Sanchez)
SS6B Advanced Self-Shielding Methods for Multigroup Cross-Section Generation Li LEI-MAO li.leimao@cea.fr
SS6C Advances in Stochastic Processes: A Special Session in honor of Prof. ImrePázsit’s Achievements Christophe Demazière demaz@chalmers.se
SS9A Whole Core Modeling and Simulation Shane Stimpson & Fausto Franceschini stimpsonsg@ornl.gov
Multiphysics Power Reactor Simulation
(John Wagner)
SS9B CASL Multiphysics Coupling Methods and Approaches Kevin Clarno, ORNL USA clarnokt@ornl.gov
SS9C Validation and Regulatory Acceptance of Multiphysics Simulations Tom Downar & Kostadin Ivanov downar@umich.edu
SS9D Multiphysics methods applied in the frame of NURESAFE projects Kiril Velkov & Soeren Kliem Kiril.Velkov@grs.de
SS10A Computational Methods and Applications for Neutron Scattering and Imaging Muhammad Abir Muhammad.Abir@inl.gov Computational Materials Science
(Han Gyu Joo)
SS11A Multi-scale Simulations for Fusion Plasmas Yong-Su Na ysna@snu.ac.kr Modeling and Simulation for Fusion Energy Systems
(Richard Sanchez)
SS12A Advanced Methods to Exploit the Potential of Next-Generation Architectures Thomas M. Sutton Thomas.Sutton@unnpp.gov High Performance Computing for Nuclear Applications
(John Wagner)
SS13A Solving Inverse Problems for Nuclear Nonproliferation Applications John Mattingly & Imre Pázsit jkmattin@ncsu.edu
Mathematics and Compuational Methods for General Nuclear Applications
(Han Gyu Joo)