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M&C 2017 Workshop Program
(Sunday, April 16, 2017)

WS-ID Title Organizer Lecturers Time
WS-1 SUSD3D Cross-Section Sensitivity and Uncertainty Code Ivo Kodeli (Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia) Ivo Kodeli (JSI) 09:00-12:30
WS-2 MOOSE: Enabling Multiphysics Simulation Derek Gaston (MIT) Derek Gaston (MIT) 09:00-12:30
WS-3 Advanced features and the tutorial of SuperMC Shengpeng Yu (Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, CAS) Jing Song (INEST)
Shengpeng Yu (INEST)
Bin Wu (INEST)
Guangyao Sun (INEST)
WS-4 Uncertainty Quantification in SCALE6.2 for Depletion and Decay Problems Germina Ilas (ORNL) Will Wieselquist (ORNL)
Benjamin Betzler (ORNL)
WS-5 McCARD Applications for the Research Reactor Analysis and the S/U Analysis Hyung Jin Shim (SNU) Chang Hyo Kim (SNU)
Hyun Chul Lee (PNU)
Byungchul Lee (KAERI)
Chang Je Park (Sejong University)
Hyung Jin Shim (SNU)
WS-6 High Fidelity Multiphysics Power Reactor Simulation Workshop Deokjung Lee (UNIST)
Hosted by KHNP
Jae Yong Lee (KHNP-CRI)
Scott Palmtag (NCSU)
Shane Stimpson (ORNL)
Ben Collins (ORNL)
Brendan Kochunas (University of Michigan)
Sooyoung Choi and Hyunsuk Lee (UNIST)
Hwan Soo Lee (KHNP CRI)