Tltle Review Instructions - Including Sign up Instructions
Writer 관리자  (admin)
2016-10-25 PM 7:48:01

1.     Sign up: If you are not a member of
the M&C2017 site yet, please sign up at www.mc2017.org
using the button located at the top right corner of the homepage. Not much
information is required for signing up. If you don
t want to provide your
phone number, just fill in the blank with a dummy number. If you feel signing
up is cumbersome and thus do not sign up by Oct. 31, we will make your account
Nov. 1 with a common password and let you know so that you can change the
password later.


2.     Login: Login with your email ID and password using the button located at the top right corner of the homepage. Once you log in, you will be directed to My Page.

3.     Select Review Areas: Click the button for selecting review areas on the right hand side column of My Page. At least one subject area (SA) was already selected for each reviewer for the SA that he or she agreed to work on. But you can choose three SAs according to your interest. After choosing your SAs of interest, please click the Submit button at the bottom. Please choose more SAs than you are assigned.  

4.     Perform Review: At My Page, click the Perform Review button to see the number of papers in each subject. Click the View button to see the papers in each subject.

5.     Download Paper: Download the paper of your interest after examining the title of the paper.

6.     Select for Review: If you decide to review the paper, please choose Select at the Select for Review combo so that it is indicated that somebody is reviewing the paper. After your selection, the Input button at the last column will be activated for the paper.

7.     Review Decision: Click the Input button to provide your review result. You need to choose one of the following four when you provide your review comments:

1)     Accept as a Top 10% Best Paper (AB) if the summary is so good that it is expected that the full paper would belong to the top 10% best paper category according to your general experience. These? will be the candidates for Best Student Papers and NET journal publication.

2)     Accept (A) if the summary is good enough so that no further review of the full paper will be necessary.

3)     Accept Conditionally (AC) if the summary is not so good that the acceptance decision should be made after examining if the full paper incorporated the comments properly.

4)     Reject (R) if the summary is so poor that there is no need to see the full paper.

8.     Review Comments: Provide the review comments either in the text mode or/and by uploading a file.

9.     Presentation Type: Choose a presentation type of the paper, either oral or poster.

1)     Oral for a paper that would draw a sufficiently big audience

2)     Poster for a paper that would draw little audience or need close discussion with the author in person.


        After selecting the presentation type, please click Submit.