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Jeju Tour Programs

- UNESCO World Natural Heritage Tour

Seongsan Ilchulbong (sunrise peak) rose from under the sea in a volcanic eruption over 100,000 years ago. Located on the eastern end of Jeju Island, there is a huge crater at the top. The crater is about 600m in diameter and 90m high. With the 99 sharp rocks surrounding the crater, it looks like a gigantic crown. Haenyeo refers to female divers who dive into the ocean water to gather various shellfish, seaweeds, etc, without using any underwater diving equipment. Jeju Haenyeo Museum has established to introduce to the world the unique activities and culture of Jeju’s haenyeo. Manjanggul Cave is one of the finest lava tunnels in the world. It has a variety of interesting structures inside including 70cm lava stalagmites and the lava tube tunnels. Only 1km of the 13,422m Manjanggul Cave is open to the tourists.

  • Seongsan Ilchulbong Tuff Cone
  • Manjanggul Cave
  • Jeju Haenyeo Museum

- Jeju Olle Trekking

“Olle” is the Jeju word for a narrow pathway that is connected from the street to the front gate of a house. Hence, “Olle” is a path that comes out from a secret room to an open space and a gateway to the world.The first trail route was opened to the public in September, 2007 and currently 26 routes have been opened. Like ‘Camino de Santiago’ in Spain or Shikoku Pilgrimage ‘Ohenro’ in Japan, Jeju Olle hopes all walkers who explore the routes gain “peace, happiness and healing” on the road.

- Udo Island Tour

Situated on the eastern end of Jeju Island, Udo Island was named because it resembles a lying cow. It boasts fertile soils, abundant schools of fish, and scenic sights; local heritage (female divers, stone walls, and stone tombs) as well as natural attractions abound on the island, making it a miniature of Jeju Island.