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Accessing Jeju


There are three ways to fly to Jeju Island.

1Route 1. Direct international flights to Jeju

Direct flights are available from 33 major cities in 4 countries(Japan, China, Philippines and Thailand). Foreign passengers, from more than 180 countries are permitted to enter Jeju Island without a visa, when arriving through the direct flights. Jeju allows visa-free entry for more than 180 countries for stays less than 30 days. Expanded flights and direct flights are also available.

*International Direct Flights to Jeju from 33 major cities in 4 countries

Flight Routes
Jeju Airport China Beijing, Changchun, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Harbin, Hong Kong, Kunming, Macau, Nanchang, Nanjing, Nanning, Ningbo, Pudong, Quanzhou(Jinjiang), Shenyang, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Urumqi, Wuhan, Wuxi(shuofang), Xiamen, Xianyang, Yangzhou(Taizhout), Zhengzhou
Japan Osaka(Kansai), Tokyo(Narita)
Philippines Manila
Thailand Bangkok

2Route 2. Incheon Int’l Airport → Jeju Airport

From Incheon International Airport, there are a few flights to Jeju Island with Korean Air and Asiana Airlines, with a flight time of approximately one hour. For flight schedules, please check the airline websites.

3Route 3. Incheon Int’l Airport → Gimpo Airport → Jeju Airport

You can also move to Gimpo International Airport from Incheon International Airport easily. On arrival at Incheon International Airport, take an airport limousine bus to Gimpo Airport. It takes about 30 minutes and the fare is 7,500 Korean won (US 6.3$). The airport limousine bus runs everyday from 05:40 to 22:00

*From Incheon Int’l Airport to Gimpo Airport
KAL Limousine(Regular Area 1F)
Passengers can get information about Limousines and ticketing at the following ticket booths, N.22 in 1F
  • Service: KAL Limousine Service
  • Hours of operation: 05:40-22:00
  • Contact: 032-742-5103
  • Location: (Public Area, 1F) Near Exit 1F Gate
  • Fare: KRW 7,500
After buying ticket, go to bus station at 10B, 4A
  • Departure Point:Incheon (Bus Stop #4A) Arrival Point: Gimpo Airport
  • Departure Time(Travel Time: 40min)
    04:55 05:30 05:55 06:25 06:44 07:04 07:38 08:08
    08:34 08:56 09:10 09:25 09:40 10:05 10:35 11:00
    11:20 11:45 12:05 12:25 12:45 13:05 13:30 14:00
    16:35 16:58 17:25 17:45 18:10 18:35 19:00 19:25
    19:45 20:00 20:10 20:38 21:10 21:28 21:40 22:17

Please be advised that actual times may vary depending on traffic conditions.

Airport Railroad
  • Incheon Airport Passenger Terminal Arrival Floor (1st Floor)
  • Move to transportation center on the first basement level
  • Walk to Incheon Airport Station

(Tip: Airport Railroad is indicated by “yellow-colored letters” on the directional signs on the arrival floor of Incheon Airport. Simply follow the “yellow-colored letters” to reach the Incheon Airport Railroad station).